What is this ship?

The LST-325 is the last remaining fully functioning LST in the country. She served in the U.S. Navy during WWII, with the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) in arctic operations in the 1950’s, and with the Greek Navy from 1964 until 2000. She was then brought back to the United States by a small, dedicated group of veterans during a harrowing month long journey in the winter of 2000/01. The LST-325 is now docked in Evansville, IN for 11 months of the year and cruises under her own power to visit other cities at the end of each summer.

LST stands for Landing Ship, Tank. These amphibious vessels were designed to land battle-ready tanks, troops, and supplies directly onto enemy shores. Ships of this type proved to be enormously useful during times of both war and peace.

Today this ship is owned and operated by the 501c(3) non-profit USS LST Ship Memorial, Inc. and she tours the country to educate visitors to the role of the LST in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

How much are tickets?

Adults (18+): $15

Youth (6—17): $7.50 per person

Children (5 and under): FREE (NOTE: Small children will need to be carried due to no accommodation for strollers)

WWII and Korean War Veterans: FREE

Active Military Service Members & First Responders (with ID): FREE

Please note that admissions prices for Evansville tours have changed, effective October 1, 2019. For further details, please see the full announcement on our Plan Your Visit page.


The USS LST 325 is located just off Waterworks Road (Click Here for a Map) southeast of downtown Evansville 11 months out of the year. At the end of summer the ship sails to other port cities to share a piece of our nation's history and to educate the public about LSTs and the men who served on them. Click Here for a map of hotels in the area.

Where do admission fees go?

All admission fees go directly back to the ship to assist in operation costs, upkeep of the ship, and to keep its home in Evansville, IN up to date.

Handicap Accessibility

The Tank Deck (only during cruise) and/or Main Deck (only while in Evansville, IN) is accessible for wheelchairs, but there is no way to get persons in wheelchairs to other decks. There are up to 6 sets of ladders (stairs) that need to be used along the tour route. The steps are made of open-metal grating, so flat-soled shoes with no heels are suggested.

There are no accessible, safe-to-use elevators on the ship for visitors.

As a historical ship, the LST-325 are not required to be completely ADA compliant. The ship is historically accurate and was not designed with accessibility in mind. The Tank Deck has many displays and IS wheelchair accessible only during cruise.

While in Evansville, IN we can offer a MAIN DECK tour that is roughly 30-45 minutes long and consists of the history, guns, stern of the ship (Guns and Anchor), and Officer's Country and Galley if possible (must be able to step over hatches). We also try to make every tour unique. Please call ahead for all Main Deck tours to ensure availability.

Are service dogs allowed?

Service dogs are allowed. Owners should be aware of the hazards toward animals aboard ship. The metal deck can reach temperatures in excess of 150°F in summer and below 10°F in winter. The tour route includes 6 ladders (steep staircases) with open metal grating which are difficult for animals to traverse and open metal railings on the Main Deck which animals can easily fit through. Owners are responsible for service animals’ behavior and for cleaning up after them as necessary.

Are there public restrooms on the ship?

There are no public restrooms on the ship. Restroom facilities are available on shore in Evansville, IN. Please ask at the office for access information and plan accordingly.

Evansville Tour Information

Tours are roughly 60 minutes long and all tours are guided. Tours generally run on the hour with the last tour at 3:00 p.m. Please call ahead if there are any special needs or time constraints to help us accommodate you.

Tours include the Main Deck, Troop Berthing, Tank Deck, Mess Deck, Galley, Stern of ship (Guns and Anchor), Wheel House, Officer's Country and the Captain's Cabin. The tour route also includes 6 total ladders, 3 sets of stairs down and 3 sets of stairs up. You are allowed to ask questions and take pictures at any point during the tour. We recommend walking shoes,; heels of any type are not advised. During the summer we also recommend carrying water during the tour (available in the Gift Shop) due to the increased temperatures on board ship. During the winter, bundle up for the weather. We are a FULLY OPERATIONAL ship and all tours are guided.

For Evansville Group Tours (10+ Attendees): Please call the Evansville Visitor Center at 812-421-2200 or 1-800-433-3025.

Cruise Tour Information

Tours are roughly 45 minutes long and are self-guided.  The tour begins on the Tank Deck then proceeds to the Mess Deck, Galley, Stern of Ship (Guns and Anchor), Wheel House, Officer's Country and the Captain's Cabin, across the Main Deck, down to Troop Berthing, and finishes back on the Tank Deck.  

It includes up to 6 ladders, 3 sets of stairs down and 5 sets of stairs up, depending on the tour. Crew members will be stationed regularly along the tour route to answer questions and provide assistance as needed. You are allowed to take pictures at any point during the tour. We recommend walking shoes, heels of any type are not advised.  During the summer we also recommend carrying water during the tour (available in the Gift Shop) due to the increased temperatures on board ship.

For Group Tours other than Evansville (10+ Attendees): 812-435-8678

Is there a phone number I can call for more information?

The office phone number is 812-435-8678 and is answered during regular operating hours.

Is there a discount for active duty service personnel?

Yes, active duty personnel in uniform (or with proper ID in Evansville, IN) are admitted at no charge.

What forms of payment are accepted?

All major credit and debit cards are accepted along with cash.

Is the ship available for private events?

Yes, the ship is available for private events. Please contact the office for more information - 812-435-8678