Crew History

Crete to USA (2000-2001)
Original Sailing Crew

Shown below are the crewmembers who made the final voyage from Gibraltar to Mobile, Alabama. Credit is also due to those who worked on the ship in Crete and/or Gibraltar but, for various reasons, were unable to make the final voyage. Their efforts also contributed immensely to the project.

The crew of the LST-325 gathers for a group photograph prior to leaving Crete.  Photo by Joe Milakovich

The crew of the LST-325 gathers for a group photograph prior to leaving Crete. Photo by Joe Milakovich

The crew who returned the LST-325 back to the United States in 2000–2001

Front row, from left: George White* , Clayton (Bill) Nickerson , Donald Molzahn , Ronald Maranto , James Edwards , Dewey Taylor , Robert Jornlin, Hichael Nedeff , John Calvin , and Bailey Wrinkle

Middle row, from left: Harold Slemmons , Norval Jones , Albert White , Ernest Andrus*, James McCandrew, Joe Sadlier , Raymond Mai*, Richard Young*, Richard Meyer and Jack Carter

Back row, from left: Donald Chapman , Edward Strobel , Gary Lyon , Lauren Whiting, Bruce Voges, and Corbin Fowkes

Not pictured: James Bartlett, William Hill , Donald Lockas, Joe Milakovich , Dominick Perruso, and Paul Stimpson

*Had to depart the ship prior to arrival in Alabama.

Indicates a crewmember who has passed away.

The Overseas Support Crew

The following crewmembers went overseas at their own expense to participate in preparing the USS LST 325 for its memorial voyage home. They actively participated in Crete and/or Gibraltar. Names marked with an asterisk (*) sailed on the ship from Crete to Gibraltar.

Ernest Andrus*, Thomas Cadigan, John Chooljian, Frank Conway, Art Cook, Edward Dyar, William Gollan, Richard Gouker, Glenn Gregg*, Les K. Harrison, William Hart, Fred Holp, Lee, R. Hunter, Lee James, Richard James, Jim Liverca, Raymond Mai*, Jack W. Melcher, John H. Michaud, Ernest Pliscott*, William Reinard, Gerald Robertson*, L. Schneiderman, George H. White*, Edward J. Whitman, David Williams, Richard Young*, Roald Zvonik

Honorary Crewmembers

The following individuals have been designated as Honorary Crewmembers in gratitude for their exceptional help and services performed on behalf of The USS LST Ship Memorial, Inc.

The Browning Family, Former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel, Ambassador Nick Burns,  Congressman Ralph Hall, Anna Adams, Linda Alvers, Jim Anderson, William Arras, Carl Black, Susan Bloom, Michael Chapman, Sean Connaughton, Lois Jornlin, Bill Kaupas, Peter Leasca, Adna Mumford, Captain Hal Pierce, John Pournarakis, Howard Ross, Priscilla Thompson-Roberts, Daniel Waterfield, and Mike Whicker.

USS LST 325 Original World War II Crew

The following are surviving crewmembers from USS LST 325's Original World War II crew who have been located:

Harold Allgaier , Stan Barish, Gerard Belanger, Al Binkowski , Clester Brown, Lander Bumgarner, Larry Cauthen, Chester Conway, Ted Duning, Ellsworth Easterly , Ira Ehrensall, Norm Ferguson, Frances Fischer, Ralph Gard, Paul Genander, Jack Green, Bill Hanley , Leo Horton, Lloyd Jacobs, Emil Kolar , Howard Kramer, Bob Lemieux, Dale MacKay , Don Martin, Richard Martin, C. J. Mitchell, Lloyd Mosby , Gerry Murphy, Steve Nedoroscki, Ed Nekiunas, Walt Niewinski, Ernie Ninness, John Roberts, Don Roy, Howard Russell, Dick Scacchetti, Al Smith, and Harold Westerfield.

Indicates a crewmember who has passed away.