Become a Crew Member

Deck Work Week Spring 2018

Deck Work Week Spring 2018


How to become crew of the USS LST 325

It's as easy as 1-2-3!  

1)  Join the USS LST Ship Memorial, Inc. 

2)  Volunteer 80 hours on ship

3)  Get your Blue Badge because you're Crew!

Once you become crew, you're welcome to apply for Cruise Crew!  Man the ship on our annual cruise in September when we share the USS LST 325 with other river port cities!

Anyone 18 or older can volunteer on ship.  We need Tour Guides, Electricians, Painters, Archivists, Engineers, Pilots, Welders, and more. We are a fully non-profit organization with only a handful of paid employees, so all of our volunteers are appreciated and respected for what they can contribute!  We will train anyone willing to learn how they can help us preserve this important piece of history!

Not able to volunteer?  Join as a member and support the USS LST 325!  Visit our Join Page for more information on how you can join and the perks a membership in the USS LST Ship Memorial, Inc. can provide!